Windows 7 Power Scheme Settings

Windows 7 provides a flexible power plans and options for your computer. A lot of users usually want to know how to configure these options and below you can find a step by step instructions on how to customize power options in windows 7.

a) Open control Panel a System and Security a Power Options

b) Select Create a power plan on the left pane

c) Select a power plan that is closest to what you want for your custom power plan then right down the name of your power plan and click next.

d) Choose how many minutes to wait for the Turn off display or select never if you do not want to use that setting and click Create

e) You will now see your custom power plan listed under the Preferred plans. To change your plan settings click Change plan settings

f) Click on Change advanced power settings

g) You now have a variety of power settings to edit

h) For example we will edit the Hard disk option and set it to never turn off. After finishing all options click Apply then Save changes

i) To delete your power plan, select another power plan then click on Change plan settings because you cannot delete an active power plan

j) Now click on Delete this plan.

k) Confirm the deletion by pressing OK

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