Using BitLocker to encrypt/decrypt your drive

bitlock-thumb  BitLocker is only available in the windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise edition. It was introduced with windows Vista. Many users feel it is difficult to setup and we can show you in this blog that how to set this up. BitLocker functionality has been improved significantly in windows 7.  Please follow the steps to use BitLocker in Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise.

a- Open the Local Group Policy ( open the start menu and type “gpedit.msc”)


b- In the left pane, click on to expand Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> BitLocker Drive Encryption >> Operating System Drives; on the first option right click then edit


c- In this screen select enabled and go down then check Allow Bitlocker without a compatible TPM box and select OK to save


d- In this step plug in your USB flash drive, right click on your C: drive and select Turn on BitLocker


e- Select the Require a Startup key at every startup option


f- Select your USB flash drive and click on the Save button


g- Select the Save the recovery key to a USB flash drive option


h- Check the Run BitLocker system check box, then click on the Continue button


i- Click on the Restart Now button


j- When the computer restarts, BitLocker will start encrypting the C: drive

image image

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