Backup and Restore

The Windows 7 Backup and Restore Center offers tremendous improvements over the Windows Backup application that is found in Vista.  In this article we will show you how to use it.

a) Open your start menu and select Getting Started -> Backup your files

b) The backup and restore wizard will open showing the different task you can perform; select Set up backup

c) The wizard now shows the available volumes where you can store your backup files

d) Select the destination drive where the backup files will be saved

e) Windows will prompt you now for the files you want to save; select “Let me choose” option to select custom files

f) We will now select user files; you can also select specific folders or files and then click Next.

g) Now the wizard shows the selected items for backup; select save settings and run now to start your backup.

h) The backup is now in progress, wait until it completes successfully.

i) Now we want to test the restore operation; select Restore my files button.

j) Select the date of the backup that you want to restore and click OK.

k) Now you can select the whole backup or a complete folder or even a specific file; in this example we selected the “users” folder to be restored

l) Now you have to options where you can select from: either to restore to the original location or choose another location to save your restore folder; we will choose original location and select to replace existing files with our backup files.

m) Now wait until the restore operation finishes

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