Our laptop’s will be super computer’s!

When scientists and engineers first developed inter-networking in the 1950’s through which only communication between stations in a network was possible, they would not have realized that it will evolve in to something that will change the face of technology forever!

Internet is now an integral part of every one’s life and it has evolved from being a simple dialup connection with speed of only 64kbps/sec to a network that uses optical fibers through which gigabytes of data can be downloaded in seconds. But there is still a lot of room for upgrading internet and computer, the scientists believe.

Scientists throughout the world are exploring the possibilities of transferring data packets through laser  light with only few succeeding at an experimental level. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have built a germanium laser that can operate at room temperature.

This path breaking invention will open doors for the next generation of computers as it is very easy to incorporate germanium in to silicon chips of the processors. Even though there were other inventions where scientists where able to build germanium laser, they needed cryogenic cooling system to cool the laser because of the high heat produced from the laser.

The invention of the germanium laser that can operate at room temperature will mean that light can replace as the medium to transfer data instead of electricity resulting in processors that are 1000 times faster (approx) than our present day processors.

This will lead to a new generation of computers where a laptop will be capable of performing calculations equivalent to that of our present day super computer. However, the integration of the laser in to the silicon chip will not happen overnight as the assembly of the chips with the laser included will be a painstaking and time consuming process.

The same laser technology has to be applied to the broadband to transfer data as the computers will have the capability of processing a large amount of data. The disadvantage of this technology will be that these super computers will consume lot of power and so there should be a parallel invention happening where the energy needs of these computers can be fulfilled.

The processor manufacturers are already aware of the technology and with this path breaking invention, a period where everyone will get a chance to operate a super computer is not far away!

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