How to shrink a volume in windows 7

Although there are many tools available to resize partitions for a hard drive, Windows 7 comes with two built in features, shrink and extend.

Their functionality is limited, but if you only want to make the hard drive partition smaller or extend it to make it bigger, then these tools will suffice. Here we will limit our discussion to modifying the volume by shrinking.

a. Right click on Computer and select Manage

b. Select Disk Management on the left panel

c. Right click on the volume that you would like to shrink and select Shrink Volume

d. Windows will now calculate the maximum amount of MB that could be shrunk; now you have to write the amount of MB you would like to shrink and select Shrink.

e. Now we can see that our volume is shrunk and the remaining space became unallocated so you can use it to create other volumes.

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