Simple and easy steps to optimize your YouTube video to drive traffic to your website

For a person who is new to the internet world, YouTube is a website where he/she can chill out by watching specific videos based on what he/she likes. But for experts, the ones who know something about Internet and search engines and the background of it, YouTube is THE best platform to drive people to their website or the place that belongs to them in the internet and to gain something out of it!

The reason is, YouTube is not just a site that is loaded with videos, but is also the world 2’nd largest search engine!! And the beauty is, a person needs minimal expertise to optimize YouTube videos to reap results , which is practically superior than what regular search engines like Google and Yahoo do. But to do that, the user should have the basic knowledge about optimizing their Media content that they upload in YouTube.

Below given are some simple steps that will help a user to optimize their videos in the best way possible…..

  • Maintain Quality: Always make sure that the media content for YouTube is superior in quality. Which means that any user who comes across and plays the content should not be annoyed by the way it is presented (Loud background noise for presentations, irritating gestures by the person in the video, long pauses making the viewer to wait, video without proper lighting and sound, funny videos that may backfire etc…).
  • Data research: Refine your data before converting it in to a YouTube video. For example, if you are going to advertise about a company that manufactures tooth brush, then data related to the history of the tooth brush and adding some interesting facts to it will make the video very watchable!
  • Proper heading and a good description: Always try to have a heading that is general or make the text of the heading in such a way that it is catchy and easily understandable, also make sure that the headings have the right keywords. For example, if you are creating the video to sell a mouth organ, then a heading like “ mouthorgan for sale!” or “ chinese mouthorgan for sale” (the word Chinese will make the content easily reach the target viewers since it is regional and one can be sure that a certain number of people will look for it). Also, make a very proper and detailed description about whatever your video is about. If your video is about and umbrella, the viewers may even mistype the spelling as “umberla” or “umbrella” . So, in this case, if you have covered all these different words in the description, then even though the viewer mistypes it during the video search, still, your video will show on the results.
  • As many Tags as possible: Add as many tags as possible; always remember that the new YouTube system doesn’t need you to separate the tags with commas or anything. For example, if your  video is about  an airplane from the USA travelling to south Africa, then the tags should be like “ airplane from USA travelling to south Africa “ and it goes on.
  • Choose Proper category: Some may say that your video can be in any category as it doesn’t matter much. But the fact is, it matters a lot. For example, if you have created an entertainment video and you have selected the category as music, even though you have some high ratings and discussions going on, your video won’t be rated in the top lists of YouTube; the reason is the competition may be stiff in the music category, so it is always better to select the proper category and leave it to You Tube to take care of the rest.
  • Proper response: If the video you have created is a business video or a video which urges the user to contact you, they might even contact you by placing comments on your video page. So, it is very important to go through all of the comments and the e-mails you get in You Tube and reply the ones that are worth it! Also, it is always a good practice to thank the viewers if they comment or rate your video, which will make them, spread the word about your video.
  • Proper redirection: Add genuine details on the video for the viewers to see so that if they are interested in it, they can visit it without being disappointed by it. Do not add advertisements that are very annoying and disturb the user too much from the main content, your reputation will drop in some time for sure!

There are even more things that one can do to increase the traffic, but the base line is, being very responsible and kind to the people. When this becomes your core value, then automatically the traffic for your YouTube video will increase gradually, if not suddenly!

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