Twitter for business- 4 easy ways to be on top!

Twitter, when it was introduced to the public was more criticized than it was praised, every one wondered how in the earth will people like the application as one needs to cramp the information that they are willing to deliver within 140 characters!

But to every one’s surprise, twitter with stood all the criticism thrown at it and now has over 5 million subscribers and its growing at a rate of at least 8,000 subscriptions a day. The reason behind the massive success of twitter is people started to identify it as a community, a place that helps to better their lives than just a mere web application. In the present day, twitter has helped save lives in the Haiti earth quake, has helped rock stars to reach their die-hard fans easily and has been a platform to do lot of wonderful other things.

This is the reason why personalities from Barack Obama(@BarackObama) to Jackie Chan (@EyeOfJackieChan) are the subscribers of this wonderful application. Now, you can ask me, what’s the big deal if they are in twitter? How is it going to help me grow my business anyway being just a subscriber? Here is a simple answer to the questions;the more people you reach, more will be your business growth; you should also realize that twitter not only helps you to reach millions of people, but it also helps you to reach them personally!
Here are some simple ideas that you can follow to grow your business through twitter.

•   Be Human: Have in mind that twitter is a way of life, than a marketing tool. You will have no results from twitter if you post tweets that are monotonous and robotic. Be human, interact with people, give them the facts about your business, let them know the human side of it, make people get interested and follow you on twitter; then do the advertisement in a very prompt and humble manner. You can tweet “hello friends! I have added a new item to my store today, view the pictures and let me know whether you are interested  “instead of posting “offer!!! Offer!! Offer!! 15% discount on all our products! Hurry!! “

Share the story of you and your company (if it is not too personal), crack some jokes, post links to the things you liked, ask for suggestions from your followers. This will certainly increase the customer’s faith in your company, and if people know how much you are committed to things like satisfying your customers etc.., people are probably going to buy your product at some point of time.

•    Make use of the Tools: It is not always possible for you to open a webpage, then type in the twitter web address, and then sign in to view your tweets; this is where twitter applications come in. These applications help you to be a successful twitterer with features that are very helpful and customizable.
Applications like Tweetdeck, twitterific and others helps you to integrate your twitter and other social media accounts in to a single platform, and you can easily see the messages sent by the people you are following through pop us, these clients also does some tidying up work such as shortening the URL and helps you to upload your photos and videos then and there. You should also make use of mobile twitter application such as Uber twitter and twitter for blackberry so that you can stay in touch with your twitter friends and followers all the time.
Also, make use of twitter statistics tool like tweetstats, twittercounter and twitter stats to know the statistics of your twitter account. The statiscs will help you know where you stand as a twitterer and who are all ahead of you and below you. This will help you to improve your tweeting indirectly.

•    Follow wise people: Don’t follow people on twitter before doing a proper research about their twitter accounts. Fake accounts of famous personalities can be created very easily in twitter, so it is necessary for you to check whether the twitter accounts of famous personalities are verified (verified accounts will have a blue tick mark symbol with the text “Verified Account” near to it). When you are trying to follow particular people, for example: sales manager of a particular company, you would not be able to find them through a raw search on twitter; in this case, follow the organization they represent and find the particular person’s name from the organization’s followers list.

•    Participate in discussions and ask/provide suggestions: When someone who you are following starts a healthy discussion, make sure that you are taking part in it; if you make some interesting points and if that gets retweeted, there is a good chance of you getting more followers and this will have a positive impact on the business you run. If you have any doubts about things that you are not aware of, don’t hesitate to ask a suggestion from your followers; also, give as many suggestions as possible if someone needs it.

Even though there are several other ways to increase your business through twitter, the points mentioned above are the basic and most vital ones. When you keep all the above points in mind while you are using twitter, there is no doubt that you along with your business will find fruitful results through twitter!

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