Ways to increase local business opportunities through online marketing

There was a time when businesses were solely dependent on something or someone, numerous restrictions were in place and only the wealthy and so called “Business class” people owned and ran almost all the businesses. However, a change was inevitable and with the help of innovative technologies and the almighty Internet, the face of our businesses changed forever. The Information technology Era has paved a brand new way for people who are interested to do local business with fewer amounts of money and a big heart!

As we all know, small and local businesses are thriving online these days. There are three simple reasons for this.

  1. Initial investment is less when compared to a regular business model.
  2. Online shopping is the way of the world today, as time is money these days.
  3. Products sold are relatively cheap as online business owners save lot of money spent on infrastructure and staffing.

It is now the time for our local business to evolve and embrace online marketing strategies as stores like Best buy, Curry’s and other big businesses have made online shopping available and are very successful with it.

Below given are some simple steps to increase your local business opportunity through online marketing.

  1. Have a simple and neat website for your local business, if you are not ready to spend money on creating a website, you can go for free blog services such as blogger or word press and create a blog for yourselves (these blogs guide you with step by step instructions to create your blog), there are all-in-one plug-ins when made use of will take care of your local business online marketing with a click of a button.
  2. Go through the features that the blog provider offers and make use of the freebies that are attached to the blog as default, you can use the plug-ins to do things from displaying your local weather to listing the products you sell.
  3. Make sure that your blog is updated in one way or another; always try to add some fresh content to the blog . If you are not a tech savvy, then try to keep things simple (choose familiar plug-ins, don’t try to add something to the blog that you are not aware of etc…).
  4. Reply to the comments on your blog and try to follow up your customers who have purchased products online.
  5. Keep the customers expectation low and always deliver more to your customers. Ensure that your description about the product exactly matches the actual product; this is where lot of online businesses fail.
  6. Add your small business website to places like Google maps so that if someone searches for a business in your place, your business will be listed.
  7. Constantly check whether someone has rated or reviewed your local business site (there are lots of websites that are dedicated to review only local small businesses) in review websites like yelp.com, local.yahoo.com, local.google.com and others. If people have complained about something, make sure you reply to them promptly and also ensure that the mistake is rectified as soon as possible.
  8. Promote your neighboring local businesses in your site and the vice versa, if possible. If the completion is fierce between you and your neighboring business, it is better to be silent about them than endorse them.
  9. Add facilities like polling and feedback to your site so that you will be able to know the mindset of your customers now and then.
  10. If possible, promise your customers same day delivery and bulk delivery free of charge; this will boost your business in many ways.

As the modern day search engines are more interested in the content more than the keywords,  it is not necessary for a person to follow any particular method to optimize their local business sites, all a person wants to do is to have content that really makes sense and which is beneficial to the visitor in some way or other.

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