How Tipton tried to win a lottery

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Can we even trust our Information Security staff?

Eddie Raymond Tipton, was convicted in July 2015 of rigging an Iowa lottery draw and was sentenced recently.

Back in 2010, Tipton had removed the  “random number” part of choosing the winning ticket from the lottery software while he was the security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) at the time.

It was found that Tipton had secretly installed a self-deleting rootkit on a MUSL computer system which would tamper with lottery’s random number generator, thus allowing him to buy a guaranteed winning ticket for a future draw.

He also tampered with the security cameras which watched the lottery computer. Then on 23 December 2010 he bought a ticket from the Des Moines QuikTrip gas station which he had thought would be his life changing ticket.

Then again, he wasn’t allowed to enter the lottery because he was an employee of MUSL – indeed, as its security director. He wasn’t really able to cash the ticket but according to evidence presented, he has tried to cash the ticket by proxy through two separate legal firms in the US and Canada.

Circumstantial evidence that seems to show him buying the ticket in the first place is hard to explain away: why enter a lottery you know you are prohibited from winning?

As reported by CBS, Tipton’s attorney argued for a probation sentence because Tipton was unable to cash out the fraudulent ticket before it expired and so the financial loss was negligible. However, the judge did not agree to that argument because as the Security Director Tipton was supposed to be protecting the lottery from fraudsters and cheats. Hence this is an offence against the invasion of trust.

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