Uber driver info was on the open for awhile!

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Recently a fault in Uber computer software has caused it to leak the personal data of the drivers. Uber acknowledged that about 700 of its “partners” in the US had been affected by the mistake.

Exposed data included social security numbers, photos of driver licences, tax forms and other details, according to news site Motherboard.

The drivers have noticed this data leak and reported it to their IT support. Whether this information was open to the public or not was not revealed.

“Whoah – went to upload new insurance docs and the documents page showed me thousands of people private info (social security numbers, home addresses, tax info). I screencapped it and sent to support,” wrote one driver on the discussion site Reddit.

Uber said in a statement;

“We were notified about a bug impacting a fraction of our US drivers earlier this afternoon… Within 30 minutes, our security team had fixed the issue.”

“We’d like to thank the driver who drew it to our attention and apologise to those drivers whose information may have been affected.”

Uber previously had a security issue as well. In 2014 also a hacker gained access to a database containing current and former Uber drivers.

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