9 Fraudsters of a Criminal Network Arrested in UK !

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Detectives have arrested 9 members of an organized criminal network responsible for defrauding bank customers across the UK out of approximately £60 million.

On Wednesday, 21 October, 14 addresses in Ilford, Watford, Slough and Scotland were raided  by the Metropolitan Police Service’s Cyber Crime and Fraud Team, FALCON upon a search warrant.  The raid was carried out in collaboration with a number of other police forces across the country, including Police Scotland, West Yorkshire Police and Greater Manchester Police.

The fraudsters have duped business banking customers by claiming to be from their bank and getting the customers to reveal personal banking information so they can gain access to the targeted accounts. The phone calls have been disguised and the numbers have been concealed using technology to make the calls seem legitimate.  The stolen money has been then transferred to “mule accounts” under their control and has been withdrawn from ATMs and bank branches across UK.

Dongles, SIM cards, mobile phones, laptops and a significant amount of cash are some of the items that have been seized as evidence.

Seven men and two women have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering. All are currently in police custody.

“This is the largest covert proactive operation we have ever undertaken against cyber-enabled crime. It demonstrates our commitment and ability to dismantle organised criminal networks in order to keep businesses safe from this type of crime,”

said Detective Chief Inspector Andy Gould, head of FALCON’s Taskforce.


Source: Akati

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