What Apps Does The ISIS Use? They Are Not Uncommon

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It was discovered recently that ISIS uses Telegram’s secure messaging for its terror campaigns but now researchers at the West Point military academy, have found out about other software they use. They have found an ISIS operational security guide which outlines recommended internet services and software, as well as the policies they’re supposed to follow.

According to the findings, the guide requires Tor’s anonymity network to be used for browsing, Tails as their operating system and messaging services like Telegram, FireChat or iMessage. Secure phones like the BlackPhone are recommended. They’re supposed to avoid anything that gives away their location as well as Dropbox, whose company-managed encryption theoretically lets governments demand access to cloud storage.


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It also debunks some myths about  using PlayStation systems (or any other game console) for chats, as was briefly rumored following the Paris attacks. Further, ISIS actively avoids WhatsApp due to flawed encryption practices.

Then again these are the same tools used by human rights advocates, whistle-blowers and others trying to avoid oppressive governments and overreaching surveillance. This illustrates the problem with arguing both for and against encrypted services. Cracking down these tools could compromise the security of its uses because there’s no such thing as an encryption backdoor just for surveillance purposes because anyone can exploit that vulnerability if created.

The Paris attacks showed that the advice was not followed as expected because they didn’t actually use encrypted chat (they leaned on SMS for at least part of their assault). Throwing working phones in the trash was another mistake they made. While there are tech savvy terrorists, blaming these tools alone can ignore the practical reality on the way these terror groups operate.

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Source: Akati

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