Internet Connectivity In Azerbaijan Was Temporarily Lost due To A Fire

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Almost all of Azerbaijan lost Internet connectivity for nearly 8 hours, last month due to a fire at Delta Telecom data center in the capital Baku. It has been reported that the outage affected services provided NTT, Telecom Italia, Telia, Level 3, Rostelecom and Transtelecom, and mobile network operator Azercell. The only way to access Internet services had been through local mobile operators Backcell and Azerfon.

Consumers, businesses and government agencies across Azerbaijan suddenly lost their connections to the Internet. Banks were unable to make domestic money transfers, and even Point-of-Sale terminals were not working.

Several projects have been in operation to modernize its communications infrastructure, including participation in Trans-Eurasian Information Highway (TASIM).

Delta Telecom is the primary network provider in Azerbaij and carries around 90 percent of Internet traffic. In their datacentre some old cables have caught fire after which the traffic was rerouted to another facility. Even afterwards the internet connection has been choppy in certain areas. However, international traffic hasn’t been affected by the outage.



Source: Akati

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