Teen hacks an airline, makes £110,000 !

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A 19 year old guy  identified by the surname Zhang  from Heilongjiang, North-East China committed fraud of approximately 1.1 million Yuan (£110,000) by hacking into an airline website and using the booking information he stole.

Zhang illegally downloaded customer details for 1.6 million bookings, including flight details, names and phone numbers and then sent text messages to the customers saying that the flight was faulty and has been cancelled. Afterwards he has allegedly asked customers to re-book their flight and used the opportunity to gain a re-booking fee.

According to People’s Daily Online, the hacking has taken place during July 31 and August 20 this year. When many customers started making complaints, the airline announced on August 22 that their security was breached.  The hack also caused the airline to lose around 80,000 Yuan (£8,000) as a result of customers requesting refunds.

Zhang  was arrested by the police on November 11 in Dalian, north China.


Source: Akati

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