Anonymous Strikes Again Against Flawed Murder Investigation

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Two British backpackers namely Hannah Witheridge, 23 and David Miller, 24, were killed on the Thai Island of Koh Tao on September 15, 2014. Two migrant workers from Myanmar were arrested and sentenced to death after the crime in December 2015.

Anonymous hacker collective hacked 14 Thai Police websites to grab the attention of law enforcement as well as the public, to state that the Thai law enforcement is corrupted and sentenced two innocent workers to death. According to the 37-minute video posted on YouTube and Facebook, the group claimed responsibility for the cyber attacks. The hackers have left the message “Failed Law. We Want Justice! #BoycottThailand.” In the web servers.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Police Bureau, the General Staff Division of Royal Thai Police, and numerous regional police stations were among the affected websites.

“Thai police have accused innocent people before, and would rather blame foreigners or migrants for such crimes so as to protect their tourism industry then accuse their own Thai locals, that may deter tourists from choosing Thailand as their holiday destination,” said an Anonymous representative, accusing the government of using the murder sentences as media stunts.

The Anonymous group have claimed to have examined  the rape and murder case brought against the two migrant workers, Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin. The documents obtained after the breach have been compared to previous rape & murder investigations against other foreigners (like the Bali nine and Schapelle Corby sentences), and multiple similarities have been noticed.

Loss of crucial DNA evidence, torture accusations against Thai police, crime scene contamination, ignoring autopsy reports are some of the similarities they have found.

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Source: Akati

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