Facebook Scam Is After Your Card Details

Hello everybody,

Used Facebook today? Came across this scam?

Among the fake Facebook pages now there’s a “Your page will be disabled unless…” scam in circulation at the moment on random Facebook comment sections which you should stay away from

The scam begins with a message like this;


Your page will be disabled.

Due to your page has been reported by other users.

Please re-confirm your page in order to avoid blocking. You violate our terms of service. If you are the original owner of this account, please re-confirm your account in order to avoid blocking.

If the multiple exclamation marks and generally terrible grammar didn’t give the game away, the following request certainly might:

To complete your pages account please confirm Http below:



If you do not confirm, then our system will automatically block your account and you will not be able to use it again.

Thank you for the cooperation helping us improve our service.

The Facebook Team

The scammers are using a Linkedin URL shortener, which is somewhat unusual. However, Google Safe Browsing flags the websites and displays a “Deceptive site ahead” warning:

The scam page is at : report-fanpage(dot)gzpot(dot)com/Next/login(dot)htm

First, it asks for the email and password

!! Warning Page !!

Your page has been reported by others about the abuse, this is a violation of our agreement and may result in your page disabled Please verify your email account to prove this is your page and help us to do more for security and comfort for everyone.

Please check your account as proof of the legitimate owner of the account that you use. Make sure you enter the correct details below.

If you ignore this warning, your page will be lost forever and can not be restored. Sorry to disturb your comfort.

After harvesting your Facebook credentials, they ask for your credit card number, expiration date, security code, post / zip code and country.

The page states:

Upgrade your payment

Recovery of payments on Facebook

Payment page you were laid off, please upgrade your credit card again to return the payment in Facebook


If you do not update your credit card your payment page will be disabled

If you enter their information and hit the button, you’ll be forwarded on to the real Facebook Security Facebook page. There’s also a “Confirm Paypal” button which leads to a phish for that service, too:

Beware of this phishing scam which steals your Facebook login and payment details. Don’t panic into entering your logins on a so-called “Security Page”.



Source: Akati

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