Clapper Got His Calls Hacked

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The online telephone and internet account of James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence has been hacked by a teenage hacker calling himself “Cracka”.

According to what Cracka has told a reporter, Lorenzo Francheschi-Bicchierai, he has broken into Clapper’s home telephone and internet, his personal email, and his wife Susan’s Yahoo account. After hacking into his Verizone account, the calls have been allegedly forwarded to the Free Palestine Movement.

“Cracka provided me with what he claimed to be Clapper’s home number. When I called it on Monday evening, I got an answer from Paul Larudee, the co-founder of the Free Palestine Movement. Larudee told me that he had been getting calls for Clapper for the last hour, after an anonymous caller told him that he had set Clapper’s number to forward calls to him. Larudee said that one of the callers said he was sitting in Clapper’s house next to his wife.”

“According to public records, the phone number does belong to James Clapper’s household. Cracka also provided another number, a cellphone, which he said belonged to either Clapper or Clapper’s wife, Susan. When I called, a woman picked up and I asked if this was Susan Clapper. The woman responded that Susan wasn’t there, but that she’d tell her to call me back. But nobody ever did.”

A couple of screenshots of the hacked account have been shared by the hacker with Motherboard, an infosec blog.

A spokesman for Clapper said the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was “aware of the matter” and had reported it to the authorities, but declined to share any further information.

The reason behind hacking James Clapper was not clear but the incident in March 2013 when he was questioned by a United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing about whether the NSA “collected any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans”, might have been a reason.

From the available information, the attack method is attributed to social engineering . This could have been a phone call to trick a customer representative to reset an account password, a phishing attack or likewise.

On the other hand, Clapper’s security could have been better than to have his home address and phone number available with a simple Google search.

Given that the details of the security breach were true, the hacker would have been able to view the phone numbers calling Clapper, access his account apart from rerouting his calls.

Fortunately, in this case the hackers intended to prank the Director of National Intelligence rather than causing a lot of trouble.

Last October, a group calling itself “Crackas With Attitude” or “CWA” managed to break into the AOL email account of CIA Director John Brennan, and claimed to have gained access to the Comcast account of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.



Source: Akati

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