Most Nuclear Facilities Have Not Been Secured Adequately

A new analysis shows that there is hardly any security to help protect nuclear facilities against cyberattacks. The third edition of the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s (NIT) Nuclear Security Index has claimed that nearly half the countries they assessed do not have any security mechanisms to protect nuclear facilities from attacks.

The maximum score for cybersecurity was achieved only by 9 of the 24 countries with ‘weapons-usable nuclear materials’ suggesting that many have not understood the depth of the threat. The countries that were lacking of security included China, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Italy, Belgium and Iran

Cyber-vulnerabilities were assessed by Nuclear Threat Initiative the global nuclear security system, for the first time and as a whole was found to still have “major gaps”.


“That reality is particularly worrisome, however, given the potentially catastrophic consequences of a cyber attack on a nuclear facility…. Such an attack could facilitate the theft of nuclear materials or an act of sabotage.”

The paper warned that the consequences of such an attack, could be a “Fukushima-like disaster”.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan organization urges countries to consider cyberattacks on nuclear facilities with the country’s national threat assessment.

The findings of the index come on the back of a spate of focused attacks on energy companies in Ukraine, which have once again highlighted the vulnerability of critical infrastructures.

They need to clear the nuclear issue.

Source: Akati

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