NASA Got Hacked Yet AGAIN

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AnonSec hacker group have stolen 250GB of data NASA systems and have released them online. The hackers purport to have hijacked a drone the Agency uses to run high-altitude testing and sampling missions.

The data includes names, email addresses and numbers of 2,414 NASA employees, as well as more than 2,000 flight logs and 600 video feeds from the aircraft used by the NASA during its missions. The NASA systems haven’t been hacked by the group but they have paid other hackers for access to an agency system.

Anonsec gained a user account running on a fully patched version of Debian, but the group used it for lateral movements inside the systems at the Agency. Poor security practices have eased the work of the hackers who scanned the NASA network searching for accounts using the login and password “root.”

The networks at the NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center, and Dryden Flight Research Center has been exploited by the Anonsec hackers. This way they gained access to 3 three network-attached storage (NAS) devices used by the Agency to store the aircraft flight logs.

The Anonsec group states “One of the main purposes of the Operation was to bring awareness to the reality of Chemtrails/CloudSeeding/Geoengineering/Weather Modification, whatever you want to call it, they all represent the same thing. NASA even has several missions dedicated to studying Aerosols and their affects (sic) on the environment and weather, so we targeted their systems,”

They further mentioned:

“Here is a patent titled “Stress tolerant plants and methods thereof,” that is owned by Monsanto, and seems to address all forms of abiotic stress that weather manipulation and chemtrails can cause: Monsanto Drought and Abiotic Resistant Corn

“Since organic plants (non-GMO) can’t grow in harsh environments like GMOs they are forced to use Monsanto’s seeds,” the group said.

“However they are Terminator Seeds, which means they don’t reproduce any usable seeds for the farmer, they have to keep buying more. So no more independent farmers and Monsanto controls a majority of the food supply through the farmers.”

A Global Hawk drone used by the NASA while it was on a flight over the Pacific has been hijacked by the hackers and they have mentioned that it was an easy task.  It has been discovered that the Global Hawk UAV follows a flight plan provided by the control center, it is a .gpx file uploaded to the vehicle.

The hackers were able to write their own flight plan and upload it to the drone. While they tried to force the crashing of the drone into the sea, the changes in the path has been noticed by the controllers who took manual control avoiding problems and locking out of the hackers from the system.

Source: Akati

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