What you should know about Windows 10 ?

Hello everybody,

Telemetry, spying and other surveillance features, known or unknown, of Windows 10 has been analysed on this post.

The introduction of the post reads: “As such, I decided to do my own investigating on what, exactly, Windows 10 is doing traffic-wise, and post the results. For this analysis, I wanted to simply analyse the network traffic of Windows 10 on a clean install, and just let it sit and run without using it.”

What I have done for this analysis:

  1. I have installed DD-WRT on a router connected to the internet and configured remote logging to the Linux Mint laptop in #2.
  2. I have installed Linux Mint on a laptop, and setup rsyslog to accept remote logging from the DD-WRT router.
  3. I have installed Virtualbox on the Linux Mint laptop, and installed Windows 10 EnterprisePNG on Virtualbox. I have chosen the customized installation option where I disabled three pages of tracking options.
  4. I have configured the DD-WRT router to drop and log all connection attempts via iptables through the DD-WRT router by Windows 10 Enterprise.
  5. Aside from installing Windows 10 Enterprise, and verifying the internet connection through ipconfig and ping yahoo.com, I have not used the Windows 10 installation at all (the basis for the first part of this analysis)
  6. Let Windows 10 Enterprise run overnight for about 8 hours (while I slept).
  7. I use perl to parse the data out of syslog files and insert said data into a Mysql database.
  8. I use perl to obtain route data from whois.radb.net, as well as nslookup PTR data, and insert that into the Mysql database.
  9. Lastly, I query and format the data for analyzing.

Here is the roughly 8-hour network traffic analysis of 5508 connection attempts of an unused, base install of Windows 10 Enterprise (NOTE: I did not remove any 192.168.1.x home network IP addresses from the analysis):

individual connection attempts by IP address,port, and protocol:

Read the full post with screenshots at: https://voat.co/v/technology/comments/835741

Source: Akati

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