Who is Behind “Crackas with Attitude”?

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Turns out the case of the “Crackas with Attitude” has been solved by the FBI and British police.

British police has arrested a teenager who allegedly was behind a series of audacious hacks targeting personal accounts or top brass at the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security Department, the White House and other federal agencies, according to U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.

The underage hacker whose hacks became known four months ago was not named by law enforcement.

At first the U.S. officials thought the arrests were hastily made  and they cast doubt that it was the work of teenagers.

CIA Director John Brennan, whose personal AOL account was breached, and FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano, and James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence were among the prominent victims.

personal details of 20,000 FBI employees surfaced online marking the latest attack.

By the time a team of some of the FBI’s sharpest cyber experts approached the suspect, US officials said. They were shocked to find that a “16-year-old computer nerd” had done so well to cover his tracks.

The hacker has also gotten access to a shared computer drive with sensitive documents, such as some related to investigations and legal agreements in the works.

Even when he knew the FBI was after him, the hacker continued to post taunts online using various accounts. He has made his tracks almost untraceable using plug-in operating systems.

One Twitter account the FBI believes he controlled posted this message Wednesday: “Anyone got a good lawyer?!?!?”

Source: Akati

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