Hacker Against the Turkish Police

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The hacker going by the name ROR[RG] has dumped data from the Turkish National Police (EMG) servers and the data can now be downloaded as Bittorrent links.

He was the same hacker behind the Adult Friend Finder data breach where highly-sensitive personal details of over 3.8 million users were released. The data was released through the same website where the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) data breach was made public.

The torrent file is about 2GB, but when unzipped it amasses for 17.8GB of information. All the data is in the form of .myd and .myi files, traditional formats for MySQL database server backups.

The hacker ROR[RG] has told that he managed to break into the  Turkish police servers two years ago about the same time when he breached other government systems. Even after two years, he claims that he has access to the servers.

He believes Turkish police to be corrupt and says that’s the reason he breached the servers, this is an opinion which many human rights activists, reporters, and hacktivists also share.

There are various media scandals regarding corruption and abuse of power in Turkey. The death of US reporter Serena Shim is believed to be caused by Turkish government and the Members of the international press and the Anonymous hacker collective are convinced of the same.

According to Anonymous, Turkey has been helping the ISIS militants in Syria and for that reason they have been waging cyber-war against Turkey.

Additionally, Turkish media has repeatedly accused police forces of using excessive violence in repressing public protests in Turkey’s major cities.

What are your comments on this?

Source: Akati

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