Competition In The Hacker World

Hey folks!

The darknet site “Besa Mafia,” was attacked by a hacker called “bRpsd”  and information about its users, hit orders, and personal messages for the world (and law enforcement) was leaked.

Largely connected to the Albanian Mafia, Besa Mafia is a ‘hitman-for-hire’ website which uses DeepWeb security and Bitcoin to stay behind the curtain, but that didn’t stop a hacker breaking into the site and posting its information.

BatBlue reports, was some of the leaked data which contained 250 user accounts, 38 hit orders, over 2,000 personal messages between users and administrators, and perhaps most chillingly, a folder called “victims” that supposedly contains pictures and reports of the Besa Mafia’s victims.

No financial information was revealed, the objective of this attack seems to be to expose the Besa Mafia’s crimes and its clientele.

There is no response on what the website is doing and there will be no involvement from law enforcement — at least not in regards to the hacker.

Source: Akati

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