How Facebook “Store Visits” Work

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Facebook is now allowing advertisers to know when you visit their stores—stores in the real world. This is made possible by tracking your Smart phone’s location with GPS and nearby Wi-Fi signals. Then combining this data with the ads you see, Facebook is able to tell how many people who see their ads subsequently visit their stores.

Facebook mentioned when announcing the “store visits” service:

“Historically, it has been difficult to quickly and effectively measure the impact of advertising on store visits and in-store sales. With the launch of store visits – a new metric in Ads Reporting – advertisers can now better understand their store traffic after running local awareness ads, complementing current ads reporting to provide a more complete picture.”

“The Offline Conversions API allows businesses to match transaction data from their customer database or point-of-sale system to Ads Reporting, helping them better understand the effectiveness of their ads in real-time. Businesses can work with partners such as IBM, Index, Invoca, Lightspeed, LiveRamp, Marketo and Square or with Facebook directly.”

Like Google’s Adwork introduced in 2014, this service will allow Facebook to drive more ads and keep up with Google.

Facebook users benefit by receiving ads from retailers  with a map showing the nearest store.

However, Facebook won’t identify you to advertisers – the data is collected in aggregate.

Turn off location services on your smartphone if you don’t want Facebook to track your movements. But if you are using an iPhone, or Android version 6.0 or higher, you can turn off location for just the Facebook app.

Source: Akati

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